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What Goes On My Roof?

A lot of homeowners and property owners have no idea what goes on their roof other than the shingles that they see.

Ice & Water Shield

Ice & Water Shield is a mineral membrane that sits in the valleys of your home as an extra layer of protection. By creating a barrier at the most vulnerable areas of your asphalt shingle roof (at the eaves and rakes, in valleys, around chimneys, etc.), Ice & Water Shield helps prevent leaks due to water backing up in your gutters and wind-driven rain.

Synthetic Felt

Synthetic felt covers the decking on your roof and serves multiple purposes. Firstly it is another moisture barrier that acts as a giant tarp preventing water from entering your home. Secondly it helps your roof breathe and aids in proper ventilation for your roof.

Looking for more information or have more questions? Reach out to the Project Manager that covers your area for expert assistance.

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