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At PRO-ROOFING + RESTORATION, we are 100% committed to serving our customers to the fullest extent. Everything we do is done through that lens. We are a storm restoration company that serves property owners from towns and communities across North Carolina.

Our #1 asset is our Sales Team. We are nothing without a strong, high integrity, professional sales team that loves to serve clients. We are looking for professionals, people who understand the value of offering a solution to a real problem and understanding that with that comes high compensation. We believe we offer an opportunity like no other company for a true sales professional to thrive and succeed. 


If you would like to discuss this further, feel out the fields below... be sure in the message field, to explain what type of sales positions you have held the last 3+ years. Based on what you submit, we will reach out for further discussion. Thank you!

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Based on your submittal, we will reach out for further discussion. Thank you!

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